Funtopia pt. 2.1: Tilt Shift revisited

Wheee! Yesterdays entry about tilt shift photos generated quite some interest.

I found the website of the guy who did the Geauga Lake picture and he has posted a step by step tutorial on how he has done it. As one could have guessed, he did more to the original picture than just a few blurs. Click HERE to see the original photo and the various stages of extensive photo-shopping.

Then I came across some pictures which were done seemingly "on the fly" and some of them are very effective.
The Italian Job Coaster (now called something else due to legal reasons) Click to enlarge:
"Das Festhaus" (click to enlarge:)

These are "scale models" of Kings Island and I have to say that the "Festhaus" really has this cuckoo-clock-look. I´d take two as a souvenier, please!

I found this via Coasterbuzz, respectively Coasterimage.

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