Next Stop: Busblasting

I read about an interesting new phenomenon that is apparantly spreading onboard London Busses

Since London´s Mayor decided that youngsters (under 16?) can use London Transport for free, some bus lines see an increasing amount of kids who travel endlessly from station to station. Many of them gather on the top floor while blasting loud music from their mobiles and making life horrible for the paying commuters in the process.

They are also using their mobiles to meet their mates while they continue to bus-hop until a whole party is underway.

Since conductors have been taken off the buses there is only a helpless busdriver who is sitting secured in a plexi-glass cabin on the lover level. His only power against the "busblasting" activities is refusing to stop at stations where another group of kids is waiting to hop on board.

Isn´t it actually pretty amazing that in a town which is plastered with video surveillance cameras, the bored youth is freakishly criss-crossing the city "under the radar" of surveillance? And how long will it take until a whole new sub-culture will be growing out of it? Can organized "busblasting" be that far away?

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