MCube: The golden age of wireless

The MCube is one of those new gadgets that immediately allows us a glance into the future of wireless appliances.
It is a wireless charger, bluetooth speaker, information display and has no "i" as a first letter.

You just have to place your mobile next to it and it will be charged up via short range induction technology. It´s a sort of immaculate conception, if you will.

It can also transfer your phone data and will make it accessible on its display. The MCube can also play your mobile´s music files via bluetooth and an inbuilt speaker.

The basic function is nothing really revolutionary...but look Ma, NO WIRES!

The MCube is designed by Sohui Won, Seung-Hoon Kwak & Yeong-Kyu Yoo.
I found this on the great Yanko Design. I did not find any info when and where it will be in the shops.

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