Duffy: Rockferry cross the Mercy REMIX!

I first became aware of Duffy around a year ago when "Rockferry" was appearing around the net. But then nothing happened for a long time and I had nearly forgotten her. Some weeks ago she was back and with her an annyoing campaign that tries to herald her as the "new" Amy Winehouse. Quite sad, actually.
So now Duffy released her official first single and its not Rockferry but "Mercy", a - surprise - 60´s Soul hit tune which will certainly be a smash in the UK.

The ever talented DJ/Remixer Dunproofin´ has done a chunky remix, which can be heard here. I think it´s a very nice version, banging it up for the clubs without taking too much away from the original. I am following Dunproofin´s work since the glorious GYBO days and he has done amazing stuff. Don´t know why he is still relatively unknown.

Here is the original:

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