Justus Köhncke: Timecode

Cologne based producer and DJ Justus Köhncke shot this video for his own club-hit "Timecode" out of the window of his flat in Cologne (Belgian Quarter, I would guess).

Justus is probably very happy that the Cologne Media Tower was built a few streets behind his flat. It stands out great in this very low city and offers a funky light-show after sunset.

I used to live in the Media Park while the tower was built and moved into a high-rise on the bank of the River-Rhine later. From there (30th floor) I had a great view over the city and the river. It was like living in a luxurious ferris-wheel gondola which was indefinately suspended in the sky. I used to admire the changing lights of the Media Tower from there too.

So this is a bit of memory for me, and a simple, yet wonderfully executed promo from Justus Köhncke.

"Timecode" uses and incorporates big portions of "How long" by Lipps inc. to a nice effect.

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