Funtopia pt. 2: Tilt Shift

Although it sounds like a hair-raising themepark attraction, Tilt Shift will make your holiday photos look like you only went to a scale model exhibition.

What would be a better subject for this sort of experimentation than fun-park pictures?

This one is of Geauga Lake, Ohio, which is sadly being dismantled as I type this You have to look really close to see that it is in fact NOT a model. I also didn´t know that they were advertising "Warsteiner Pilsener" there. Click pic to enlarge.

This one is taken from the lift of "X" at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Another park that was ruined to be on the chopping block. You can see almost all their rollercoaster-models in this shot if you click the pic.
And of course there has to be a bit of Disney. This is apparantly a tilt-shifted picture of Monorail and the old Submarine Voyage. The latter ride was closed for a long time and re-opened in 2007 with a "Finding Nemo"-theme.
I found these eye-popping fake tilt-shift (because they are done with photo-shop, not with a lense) on Flickr and on this blog which also explains how tilt-shift photos are created.
Isn´t it amazing that a blur here and there can trick our perception like this?

EDIT: Also check the following entry for more about this subject.

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