They only want you when you´re Ladytron

The formidable Ladytron have announced on their website that they are going to release their fourth studio album "Velocifero" on June 3rd.
According to the site "the album, was recorded in Studio de la grande armee, Paris ,with additional collaboration and co-production with Alessandro Cortini (Modwheelmood, NIN) and Vicarious Bliss (Ed Banger recs). It was completed and mixed in Los Angeles with Michael Patterson (Beck, P.Diddy)."

So, P. Diddy, eh?

Of course, I love their early stuff "604" and "Light and Magic" and I was a bit sceptic with "Witching Hour", where they started to sound a bit too rockish for my taste. But their wonderful airport-announcement-vocals get me everytime. "Highrise", "International Dateline" and "Destroy everything you touch" are great, subversive pop.

Apparantly the band left Island records after "Witching Hour" was not making the waves it should have, even a re-release last year did not change that.

They have now signed to Nettwerk and -looking at the producer list- they are trying to further their recent mix of rock and electro.

This is their brilliantly evil "Seventeen", an early classic of this decade:

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