Thomas Dolby: The Earth is flat

I wanted to post something about Thomas Dolby for some time (after I borrowed the title for this entry). But now I was beaten to it by the mighty Popdose.
Anyway, this is no contest and Thomas Dolby is hardly suffering from over-exposure, so here is my favourite Dolby song:
The Flat Earth.

Like many productions from the mid-eighties it relies heavily on the Fairlight. But while most albums from this era suffer from a sterile, dated and generic sound, the seven songs on "The Flat Earth" are not dated at all. The production is lush, multilayered and transparent. Like its predecessor its a pretty grown-up album. Pretty impressive if you consider that Dolby was only 23 when he made it.

The first video shows Thomas talking to his audience about his past as an 80s star and his involvement with Trevor Horn (and his fuck-off-Joe-90-glasses). The second video is an amazing live version of "The flat earth", which he builds from scratch on stage. And yes, he looks a bit like Bruce Willis.


The Flat Earth:

More Dolby on his website.
The mugs are on sale here.

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