Pseudo Psycho

What to do, when you don´t have any original ideas but a big budget and a glossy magazine to fill? Why not copy and re-stage some famous film scenes? Scenes, so iconic and part of the shared unconsciusness of every 20th century movie-goer that its hard to fathom that they were all dreamed up by the same person: Alfred Hitchcock.

So Vanity Fair called up a bunch of famous actors who were certainly thankful for the free publicity, hired the creme de la creme of make-up artists, costume- and set designers...threw everything together and released it in their so-called "Hollywood Edition".

The finished photos are a strange mix of an overblown, failed attempt at camp, mis-casting and empty gloss. In other words: they´re incredibly funny!

The best idea and execution by a long shot is the "split screen" Psycho re-enacting with fresh Oscar winner Marion Cotillard as the showering corpse.

But things are quickly getting bizzare with Jodie Hedren as Tippie Foster in "The Birds"?

Seth Rogen as Cary Grant stand-in is nothing but a plane crash

Guess: Joan Crawford back from the dead? A doctored Glenn Close? Or Rene Zellweger after a long night? One could get Vertigo!

A "behind the scenes"-story, which explains some of the excesses of this production, can be found at Vanity Fair.

Watch the whole photo-spread here.

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