My Psychotropic Dream Home

...it consisted of six huge aluminum-shelled spheres suspended like the elements of a mobile from an enormous concrete davit. The largest sphere contained the lounge, the others successively smaller and spiraling upward into the air, the bedrooms and kitchen...

The agent, left us sitting in the car... and switched the place on (all the houses in Vermillion Sands, it goes without saying, were psychotropic). There was a dim whirring, and the spheres tipped and began to rotate, brushing against the undergrowth.

...I got out and walked over to the entrance, the main sphere slowing as I approached, uncertainly steering a course toward me, the smaller ones following.

...As I stepped forward, it jerked away, almost in alarm, the entrance retracting and sending a low shudder through the rest of the spheres.

It's always interesting to watch a psychotropic house try to adjust itself to strangers, particularly those at all guarded or suspicious. The responses vary, a blend of past reactions to negative emotions, the hostility of the previous tennants...

...[The agent] was fiddling desperately with the control console recessed into the wall behind the door, damping the volume down as low as possible...
He smiled thinly at me. "Circuits are a little worn. Nothing serious..."

These incredible HDR photos were taken by Cypherone. They show an abandoned holiday resort in Sanjhih on the north coast of Taiwan.

According to the photographer the whole resort was abandoned 20 years ago. Apparantly this future architecture was made partly from fibre glass and could not withstand the harsh coastal weather. There are also stories that the place was haunted after somebody had died in an accident.
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The text excerpts are taken from The thousand dreams of Stellavista by J.G. Ballard.

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