Darc Helicopter

Mireille Darc is one of the most iconic French actresses and models of the 60s and 70s. She always appeared to be incredibly mysterious and funny to me. The amazing backless dress she wore in "Le grande blonde avec une chaussure noire" caused gasps in audiences worldwide and turned her into a sexy icon of European cinema.

Despite living a very public and glitzy life as the partner of Alain Delon for 15 years, she never fell prey to the tabloids and kept an aura of dignity and sophistication.

There must have been a clause in every contract for French actresses to record at least one record with chansons by Serge Gainsbourg.
Her rendition of Helicoptere is certainly not my favourite song but hearing Mireille Darc sadly sing the words "dans mon helicoptere" is very haunting and evocative.

In France, Mireille Darc is still celebrated as a French icon and was awarded the prestigious Légion d´honneure-award in 2006. I hereby declare her a StellaVista Ultramodel.

Madame Darc also has a (somehow oldfashioned) Site officel.

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