Does Your Homosapien Know?

I know, I know...Mash-ups are so 2001 but this one is too great to miss.
It´s ABBA vs. Pete Shelley! The great and unforgettable Pete Shelley, who did some fantastic and energetic electro-rock-pop after he left seminal punk-band Buzzcocks.

Today, his first single (and album) Homosapien sounds as fresh and urgent as ever. The original video was pretty campy, but intercut with the Abba scenes, it gets kicked through the roof.

Bannded by the BBC for it´s pretty unhidden gay message in 1981, this is still a ball-kicker and should-be-anthem.

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Copycat said...

Hey, thanks for posting my Abba/Shelley thingy here. Pete's deffo the man.

Download the tune or check out more Copycat stuff over at http://djcopycat.blogspot.com

Cat you later ;) /Cc