Nurse Satana

If you happen to be in Chicago in November, please visit "Tura! Tura! Tura!" at the Tattoo Factory Gallery for me.

"Tura!" is not (as of yet) a musical about the life of legendary movie icon (and nurse) Tura Satana, but a group art happening celebrating the amazing actress.

Tura started exotic dancing at the age of 13. She became a burlesque sensation earning the title Miss Japan Beautiful. From there her talents lead her to guest appearances on many top television shows of the 60's including "Hawaiian Eye", "Man from U.N.C.L.E." and "Burkes Law".

Movie roles followed in "Our Man Flint", "Irma la Douce" and "The Astro Zombies", but her greatest cinematic superstar achievement was as the baddest ass Varla, the leader of 3 thrill seeking stripers in Russ Meyer's legendary masterpiece,"Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!".

"The Key to the Carrera" by Shag

The show will feature the cream of the crop of the lowbrow art world to contribute jaw dropping Tura inspired masterpieces including paintbrush superstars, Shag, Lou Brooks, Lisa Petrucci, Glenn Barr, Niagara and many more.

I would love to see the merchandise.

UPDATE: For a nice write-up on Tura, hop over to Swindle Magazine.

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