"Why are the nicer people not as successful as the shitty people?"

I always liked "Star Test" because of the "Dark Star"-sci-fi voice and the ridiculous concept. Here is the chance to watch a complete edition of the show with the great, undervalued and misunderstood Danielle Dax.

She might look a bit like Sandra here, but she is lovable, intelligent, witty, reads Tama Jamowitz, adores J.G. Ballard and hates Televangelists. What more do you want from a perfect pop-star?

Watch part two and three.

Dax recorded a string of incredibly strange records on her own "Awesome Records Label" in the mid eighties pre-dating trip-hop by ten years. I always think that she was wrongly labelled as "Goth", although she did come across as a one-woman Siouxsie Sioux at times, her music lives in its own universe of banghra-country-disco-folk with a heavy pop appeal.

After an attempt to break out of the underground she seemed to have retired from the music-biz with the release of a best-of album, aptly titled "Comatose Non-Reaction - The thwarted pop career of Danielle Dax".
She does have a sloppily maintained MySpace site, and her
Wikipedia claims that she recently suffered from ill health. So here is hope that this StellaVista Ultramodel will get better soon.

Meanwhile listen to the hauntingly minimalistic The Spoil Factor from the "Jesus Egg That Wept"-EP.

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Marilyn Roxie said...

Just stumbled across this blog; great to see a mention of Danielle Dax, and pics I hadn't seen before!
~Marilyn Roxie