Goodbye Thumper

You travelled the world with us, swam in the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Baltic- and the Nordic Sea (and countless rivers and puddles). We were looking forward to live with you in our new apartment, which we had also chosen with your convenience in mind.

One week ago you decided that the pain in your legs was becoming too much for you. When the doctor saw the x-rays he wondered how you could still walk at all. He gave you injections and strong pills and prepared us that you would maybe live for another six months. But you got weaker every day.

It was heartbreaking to see you fighting to get on your legs. You must have suffered so hard and yesterday you couldn´t even stand-up at all.
You didn´t sleep all night and this morning you seemed to have lost all will to live. We had to let you go and you left us peacefully, falling asleep in our arms.

Next week it would have been nine years since we got you out of the kennel where you lived for the first six months of your life.

You were so awesome and sweet. So many times you saved the day when we had to deal with nagging actors and bitchy people.
Remember that old actor who demanded that you would join him for lunch everyday in his hotel-suite? And that old diva who couldn´t get along with anybody and who was not satisfied with anything, but she would crouch next to you on the floor like a young girl for hours?
You should have been on the payroll!

While writing this I cought myself looking over my shoulder several times to see what you are doing. I wonder how long I will continue to do this.

Goodbye Thumper!


A.J. said...

damn, very very sorry for your loss of your loved pup... my thoughts are with you.

Leopold Stotch said...


Oh man that's the worst Stella.
I'm so sorry, my condolences.

StellaVista said...

Thanks for the kind words A.J. and Leo.
It is amazing how much control a dog can have over your life and how you only realise this when it is gone.

We are still shocked with her rapid decline. It was all over within one week. Of course, in the end this is also a relief because she didn´t have to suffer for too long. I am also very thankful to the doctor who came to us and released her at home. We had enough time to say farewell to her and she seemed to be thankful when it was finally over.

Right now we are in the bitter-sweet process of re-discovering our "freedom" (no dog-walking, unrestricted nightlife, planning a trip without the dog in mind, etc.).

We are also talking a lot about the funny and nice memories while trying to get rid of the traumatic scenes from last week. Seeing an animal that is perfectly healthy losing its ability to walk or stand is just heartbreaking.