Dreams of Saturday Night: Muzik Xpress

Music! Music! Music! Wohoooo!
Judging by the comments and my own memory on "Muzik Xpress", everybody remembers when and where they had heard this dance classic for the first time. I danced to this awesome track at various clubs in Germany, London and NYC back in ´93 and the reaction of the crowd was the same everywhere: They went batshit crazy!

Rightly so!
"Muzik Xpress" by X-Press 2 is one of the most effective and infectious dance records ever. The slightly bouncing rhythm and the two simple vocal samples are creating an immense positive energy that promises a massive release from the very beginning. And when this release/breakdown finally comes (shamelessly fired on by screaming crowd noise) it tears up the roof of every club and people are screaming their heads off.

It´s one of those timeless dance tracks that completely revolves around itself. It is functional, calculated and actually it is not even music, but it has a soul of its own!

Muzik Express

Countless similar tracks were following the pattern of "Muzik Xpress" and the build-up/big breakdown soon became a tired cliché. Even X-Press 2 tried the formula again with the great "London Xpress" but it misses this mystical quality of its predecessor that made people all around the world smile and scream on the dancefloor.

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