City Ape

Peter Fox is the closest thing to a German popstar at the moment. As former member of the great dancehall/reggae/hip hop band Seeed he is one of the few musicians who gains respect from every corner of the critical spectrum.

"Schwarz zu Blau" (black to blue) the third single taken off his album "Stadtaffe" (city ape) is his second hymn to the city of Berlin, celebrating his love/hate relationship with the German metropolis.

Not quiet as catchy as the former "Dickes B" or Fox´s recent solo singles, "Schwarz zu blau" describes Peter´s way back home after yet another night of drinking and club hopping. The cliché asks for drunks, passed out between vomit and piss, pierced girls and aggressive Turks. It´s probably all true.

"Good morning Berlin, you can be so ugly, dirty and grey. You can be so wonderfully horrible, your nights are devouring me!"

The video uses animated graffiti and street art, sort of Banksy works brought to life.

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