International movie posters of various b- and sci-fi movies:

Fantastic Romanian pop-art poster for "Planeta Maimutelor", which is of course "Planet of the Apes" (USA 1968).

Italian poster for "Invaders from Mars" (USA 1953)

Great Polish poster for "The Quatermass Experiment" (UK 1955)

"Virüs" the Turkish ad for "Virus" (Italy 1980) otherwise known as "Hell of the living Dead" and/or "Zombie Creeping Flesh"

"Luch Smerti" This influential but pretty obscure Russian sci-fi thriller from 1925 was named "Death Ray" for the international market.
The guy in the middle looks like a fantastic, bad-ass villain!

"Kranti" (India 1981). Since this is a film about the Indian struggle for freedom between 1825-1875, the odd subject choice might be very iconographic. This is actually the sleeve for the soundtrack and not the movie poster. So, it actually doesn´t belong here...

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