Craft Work

It is reported that Kraftwerk-founder Florian Schneider has finally left his band. This leaves Ralf Hütter as the only original member of the influential electronic pop-band.

Schneider, who never liked touring, was already missing on the current tour and was substituted by a long-time "Kling Klang"-Studio technician. Wouldn´t it have been fantastic if they finally went all the way to use the Schneider-Robot as a stand-in?

After all, Kraftwerk always tried to disappear behind their machines and their plans to have their robots perform a whole concert never came to fruition.

Since Kraftwerk have become their own cover band a long time ago I don´t even know if this will have any effect on any possible future releases (as if!). I find the news that the current line-up of the band will soon open for Radiohead on a South-American tour much more shocking!

While we´re at the subject of cover versions: This is one of my favourite Kraftwerk covers, which I already posted here.
Kernkraftwerk: Autobahn by Kernkraftwerk (nuclear power station).

Years ago I was talking with a British friend of mine and I was surprised that he (and apparently many others) always thought that Kraftwerk was German for craft work! It shows the true genius of the band and their concept: Even the phonetic misunderstanding of their name has its merits and some truth.

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