I want your Chocolaty Soul!

This ad for Cadbury chocolate is probably one of the fastest spreading clips on Youtube right now. A perfect combination of totally random stuff like two young kids with very special facial features and a classic electro/breakdance hit from 1984 ("Don´t stop the rock" by Freestyle) will probably reach more people than the new Vatican-channel by next Friday.

It´s the perfect da-da-campaign: Cheap, senseless, original and very effective!

If you haven´t seen it already, here it is:

Still, I felt strangely disturbed by the hilarious eyebrow-ballet of these two kids. There is something very sinister and unsettling lurking behind the surface that conceals a bizarre nightmare logic.

Screenshots of the clip are somehow revealing an almost subliminal vibe, halfway between "Village of the Damned", "The Omen/Exorcist", "Scanners" and "Come To Daddy!"

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