The Last Brick In The Wall

Twenty years ago today Chris Gueffroy and his friend Christian Gaudian decided to be free and to flee from the "German Democratic Republic" and his duty in the East German Army. They had heard that the order to shoot was lifted, so they climbed the various fences, dead zones and the wall between Berlin Treptow (East) and Berlin Neukölln (West). They had already reached the last fence when they were discovered by the GDR border patrol. Chris Gueffroy was hit by ten bullets and died on the spot. Christian Gaudian was severely injured and incarcerated.

The next day, Chris´ mother was called to an interrogation. It was only after she had been questioned that she had been told that her son had been caught during an assassination attempt against a military unit and that he had been killed.
At the funeral she was denied to talk about the fact that her twenty year old son was shot dead while he was trying to flee the country.

Had he waited only a few more months he would have not gone into history as the last of the 123 desperate people who were killed by their fellow countrymen for trying to live their life as a free person.

One of the chiefs in duty of that particular border-segment is now in a leading position in the German police!

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