Wordle Up!

I tried to create a wordle word cloud containing everything that was written on this blog, but more than one page is obviously not analysed by the program. Anyway, I love that the three most prominent words read "like great music"! (click pick to see big)

Experimenting with fewer words: "From Revolution to Revelation" is a line from Pet Shop Boys´"My October Symphony". After a few randomisations Wordle changed the design "To Revolution from Revelation".

The next try contained the embedding code of the last picture, resulting in a "wordle revolution".

What would a wordle from Japanese Kanji symbols look like? It turns out that Wordle is not kanji-ready yet, transforming the text into pure cubism.

Before and after:

Checking out the wordle gallery is fun. Of course many people have already condensed the works of Goethe and Leviticus. Can you write a new story or poem out of a wordle cloud or is it a new form of algorhythmic newspeak?

However, the aesthetic value of some wordles is amazing and it turns everybody into an instant graphic designer or poet (at least for fifteen minutes.)
In the light of the recent demise of The Designers Republic these auto-art features take on a whole new meaning. "I love my Designers Republic"

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