Rat Racing

The Rat Race by James Clar

From the Website: "The Rat Race" is a piece jesting at the social ideal of the rat race, the idea that we are all rats in a competitive race to the top. Technology plays a key role in enhancing each rat but staying on top of technological progress (new software, programming languages, memes, etc) is a job onto itself. What technologies enhance our daily lives or make our work more streamlined? "The Rat Race" is a fusion of rat and technology.

Making things visible by blurring or obstructing them is a common aspect in Clar´s other works, which at times would love to have as light-objects in my home.

See "Circlesquare", "Square 2" and "Portal" which I would buy immediately. I also dig his Infinity Case and the idea to hang a black, semi-transparent curtain over a giant monitor over a busy Shinjuku-junction, calling it Tokyo Graffiti.

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