Seconds with Saul Bass

The amazingly disturbing title sequence to John Frankenheimer´s "Seconds" is another Saul Bass masterpiece. Body horror, transformation, surrealism and paranoia all neatly wrapped into an unsettling 3 minutes (with Rock Hudson playing the lead in one of his best roles.)

Here is a rare interview with Mr. Bass discussing his work. I guess this was shot in 1977, after he had already finished his first feature film, the classic "Phase IV".

Together with his wife, Elaine Bass, he directed another, almost forgotten sci-fi film in 1983. "Quest" was a 30 minute short film after a Ray Bradbury story. Financed with the help of a Japanese corporation "Quest" was hardly ever shown and is a lost gem in Bass´ biography.

I found the film in two parts on "google video". Enjoy a fast paced allegory with very "Tron"-like special effects!

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