"DNA is the enemy of our freedom. We have to fight it!"

The title quote comes from artist extra-ordinaire Genesis P-Orridge, remembering an exchange with William S. Burroughs about the source of human control.

After he met Jaqueline "Lady Jaye" Breyer in an S&M dungeon fifteen years ago they both decided to fight their DNA by becoming one person. First the act called "pandrogeny" was simply executed by dressing alike but after ten years they both decided to undergo an endless amount of plastic surgery to resemble each other as much as humanly possible.
The above picture shows them leaving a clinic after extensive surgery in 2003.

P-Orridge emphasises that "Pandrogeny is not about the pain of a man being trapped in a woman´s body. Its about the pain of being trapped in any body at all."

Sadly, "Lady Jaye" Breyer P-Orridge died late last year, leaving Gen with the task of living his/her life for the both of them.

Read the whole touching story about the "wrecker of civilisation" and the love of his life at Radar Magazine. It´s an amazing read that manages to give a good re-cap of P-Orridges long an notorious career as an artist and musician who is so influential that we tend to remember his epigones more than s/him.

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