Fantastic Argoman

The original title of the 1968 superhero spoof "Fantastic Argoman" translates to "How to steel the english crown" and it was shown as "The incredible Paris incident" in the USA.
The distributers have probably seen that the superhero angle was not all that promising in this more than goofy flick by Sergio Grieco.
Grieco was also directing under the names Sergio Allesandrini, and Terence Hathaway (how did he find this one?).

I always hate the "so bad its good"-approach to films and think it is pretty lazy but "Argoman" makes it hard to defend this position.
Script, acting and direction are bad but art-direction and the music by legendary Piero Umiliani are brilliant! Just look at the trailer and see incredible backdrops which totally overpower the stupid guy in the yellow sock-puppet outfit.

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