Final Listening

From "New Embarrasment", "Sad Pop" to "Final Listening". These are a few of the styles and stations Der Plan travelled with their music and state of minds during the last 28 years.

"Final Listening" describes our current state of aquiring (and occasionally listening) of music in its over abundance and arbitrariness. Since everything is connected with everything, there is no outside influence any longer.

Plan-member Moritz Rrr talks about the beginning of Der Plan and his current definition of "Final Listening" in this recent Interview with superb online magazine Is Greater Than. "Final Listening" means to stop buying, downloading, copying and stealing music and instead start listening to everything that is already there.

For Rrr his "Final Listening" was found in the amazing internet radio station Shirley & Spinoza, which I am currently checking out.
I knew after a few minutes of listening to one of their very exotic shows that Rrr is really up to something here.

"Shirley & Spinoza" is like a dream-transmission of cool captured sounds from the ether of a fantastic parallel universe. Absolutely amazing and highly recommended! I hear a new world calling me and I am staying there...

The "Triple WTC" appears on the inner sleeve of "Die Verschwörung" (The conspiracy), the 2004 Der Plan "come-back"-album.

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