So, our dog made the aquantaince of a skunk last night! The irony that this has happened in the middle of Vancouver, right behind our Hotel and NOT in the Rocky Mountains or the prairies where we had worked for the last two months was not lost on us.

Up to that moment we had a great night of bar and club-hopping. After the slightly limited nightlife Calgary has to offer we were happily enjyoing the flair of beautiful Vancouver. Our plan was to walk the dog and then return to the bars for more drinks and...whatever.
When I saw that the dog was sniffing on something that was black with a white stripe I hastily tried to pull her back, but too late! That little skunk bitch went all ass on us and sprayed its famous fragrant!

Hilarity ensued!

At first the smell wasn´t that bad, and I thought "Well if this is it, what´s all that fuzz about?" But of course skunk smell isn´t so notorius for nothing! The smell began to intrude everything pretty fast. In the elevator we thought we would suffocate. In the apartment we were immediately throwing our clothes in the washing machine and had a shower. Then we sprayed a can of Febreze into the atmosphere and walked the dog to the waterfront and forced her to have a long night swim.

Back in the apartment we were already so sober that we nearly fainted from the mixture of skunk and air-spray. We forgot about the bars right away.

Skunk smell is described as a mixture of garlic, gas and burning rubber. And this is pretty much accurate. It is really horrible and intruding. Even with new clothes and freshly showered we had the impression that the smell was coming from our skin! And we were not even directly hit! On the next morning it turned out that the dog had a yellow-greenish stain on its head. Luckily she was not hit in the eyes.

Off to the pet store to buy some fluid to treat the fur. You never know how many people console you when they hear that you had a skunk attack. Apparantly they are pretty common in Vancouver and everyone had a story to tell.

This really put a stinky twist on our day, which we spend in a cloud of embarassment, skunk stink and perfume. We later went to Playland and figured that people would leave the lines after we arrived.

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