You hurt me but now your flesh lies rotting in hell.

Berlin based Die Unbekannten (The Unknown) changed their name to Shark Vegas when they had the chance to play a string of gigs supporting New Order in 1984. Between the concerts they got New Order front man Bernard Sumner to produce their first (and only) single "You hurt me" at Conny Planck Studio.

The single was released in Germany on Totenkopf Records in 1984 (label owned by funpunk band Die Toten Hosen) and two years later on legendary Factory Records, with some uncredited remixes by Bernard Sumner. The sleeves and logo was designed by Marc Farrow who began his design career with this minimalistic work.

"You hurt me" is classic underground, electro disco, somewhere between New Order, Section 25 and Cabaret Voltaire. Very much the sound of 1984, it was no surprise that its 1986 re-release almost sounded a bit dated and failed to make any impact in the UK.

Shark Vegas disbanded the same year. The single (either in its blue Totenkopf sleeve or the cut-out Factory-cover) was a well known guest in many bargain bins and is now a much sought-after artefact by Factory-completionists. Its Fac. 111.

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