Artistically Incorrect

John Waters "Baby Michael Jackson"

Even in his early auto-biography "Shock Value" and in the later anthology "Crackpot", John Waters surprised with many creative job-ideas to fill the gaps between his films. However, being a conventional artist, was something he might have planned or giggled about with his friends only in private.

John Waters "Jackie and Andy" 1998 (click to make very big)

Staying true to his obsessions, Waters popped his favourite films into the video-recorder and snapped some pictures off the screen. He then assembled the captures to fit his favourite themes. As in his story "Guilty Pleasures", Waters lets his inner film-buff shine through.

John Waters "Movie Star Junkie" Edited by StellaVista

His later work would include sculptures, puppets and installations. The acidic pairing of pop-art myths and sarcastic humour is certainly on the edge of what many would consider "art", and I´d guess that Waters would be the first to agree.

The Laumeier Sculpture Park Gallery in St. Louis will host an exhibition of Waters extensive work, titled "Artistically Incorrect: The Photographs and Sculptures of John Waters", from october 11 through january 11.

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