Fear and Fashion: Cold War Modern Exhibition

Modern life after 1945 seemed to promise both utopia and catastrophe. By 1949, both of the world’s superpowers had acquired the capacity to annihilate one another with nuclear weapons. Twenty years later, man had walked on the moon and thirty years later we had almost forgotten about it.

Modernist artists and designers responded to this dual vision, searching for ways to build a new and hopeful future and deal with the anxieties of the present.

Part of the above text is taken from the exhibition website of Cold War Modern which will open on Sep. 25 at the South Kensington V&A - Victoria and Albert Museum.

Cold War Modern explores modern art, architecture, design and film in the period 1945-70, highlighting the ways in which artists and designers responded to the conditions of the Cold War.

Legends like Ken Adam will also take part in several events which will take place throughout the exhibition for its run through January 11.

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