Is He?

I was pondering this idea several times during the last years. Was Warhol over when he was shot? When he died (or went to Bloomingdales)? When Victor Bockris published his biography that told me more about Andy that I ever wanted to know?

Of course Warhol is not over! He might smell stranger and the reception and appliance of his philosophy and work might have become more cynical these days. However, if you read "From A to B and Back Again - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol" you´ll see that Andy had a way to see right through to the core of things. Being an outsider, someone only watching the life of others, made him a prototype for the man of the future.

When Andy once read in the papers that he was going to attend some society-event, he decided to stay home. He said, that he felt he had already been there after reading about it and there was no need for him to show up for real.
Isn´t that exactly what social networking is all about? How can Warhol be over, when his ideas were already anticipating the technological possibilities of the future?

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