Several voluntary and involuntary reasons require moving once more to another city. During the last twelve years I seem to move every four years. I moved to Hamburg exactly 4 years and two days ago and before that it was four years in Cologne. Inbetween we spend six month per year on the road in North-America for the last three years.

So its back to Berlin tomorrow! Not my favourite city, a bit overhyped and definately located on the wrong side of the country. I used to live in Berlin in 99/00 and did some jobs there afterwards. Bad timing always leads me to Berlin in autumn and winter, when it can be very drab and gray. All in all I must say that Berlin was always a bit too German for me.

But enough of the gloom. We found a fantastic flat, even better, larger AND cheaper than the last one. Apart from being obscenely big (and it´s not even an old building), it has got the most decadent feature: An elevator that opens directly into the flat. A little something like this:

The last days have been quite hectic, since our recent home was practically destroyed by intruding water while we were away. (Imagine coming back home after several months and you find your bedroom turned into a swimming pool.)

We managed to find the flat in Berlin, kicked the ass of our landlord, sued him to hell and packed up things within the last 16 days!

Of course our internet provider can´t compete with this tempo and I am going to face a few weeks being OFF-LINE!

So, dear (few) readers, it´s going to be a bit quiet until mid-october. I might do some occasional posts from a café next door. Don´t forget Stella, and come again!


Leopold Stotch said...

Oh man, good luck with the move Stell.

Flooded room, I can relate. Recently lost about 50% of my belongings including about 1000 records, 500 cds countless reading books, expensive art books, family photos and memorabilia, and a rare priceless art collection going back 15 years (a lot from famous artists at the beginning of their careers). My basement flooded, ugh.
I broke down and cried. I had to have my brother help me throw most of it away as I couldn't bear to look at the carnage.
So anyway, my condolences.
BTW next time try Munich ;-)

StellaVista said...

Thanks for the kind words, Leo.

Your lost sounds much more dramatic! In the end, our disaster led to something good, while your art, photos and memorabilia are lost forever!

I once had 400 CDs stolen from me and I felt like I lost a leg, so your loss must have been devastating!

The move went rather good and we are basically set now. Sitting in a nice cafe and catching up on two days off-line, eating cheese-cake...

No thanks to Munich! South Germany is absolutely unacceptable!

Since my partner is a Berliner I can be sure to see Berlin from a better side this time around and am pretty confident that I will enjoy it more than in the past.

All the best