My Favourite Mutant

Charles Burns´ paintings are glowing from the centre with the blackest black. Obsessed with the horrors of science, puberty and nature, Burns is certainly one of the most "american" contemporary artists.

A vast exhibition has just opened in New York and David Fincher is currently adapting Burns´ "Black Hole" for the big screen.

Charles Burns also did the sleeves for Iggy Pop´s 1990 second attempt to cross over into mainstream rock with "Brick by Brick" and his stunning duet-single "Candy" with Kate "B-52" Pierson.

Both characters in their own right look as if they jumped out of one of Charles´ paintings. Here is the video for "Candy" which is always welcomed for the incredible vocal performance of Kate Pierson and Iggy´s sleek, marine-green chair.

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