Houses for the Subconscious

This year´s Venice Architecture Biennale is called "Out There: Architecture beyond building".
The abstract contribution by architect group Asymptote is called "Prototyping the future: Three houses for the subconscious".

Conceived and manufactured digitally it is comprised of three large fiberglass objects which are each meant to express forms of sophistication which are a result of high velocity, acceleration and speed, fluid dynamics ballistics and mathematically modeled form.

The three fiberglass "Motion-scapes" work as a half formed idea of a form that is neither house nor furniture, but something that anticipates a future potential for occupancy in one form or another.

Asymptote´s Hani Rashid explains: "what we are showing at the venice biennale is a piece conceived of and thought about as a potential architecture
and a potential place for architecture to reside. these works, caught somewhere between furniture and
large-scale buildings, exist in a kind of luminous ether, flowing down the stage as if trapped in a frozen
performance of architecture in the making."

For this and more on the exhibition check Designboom

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