Julien Chatelin is a photographer who likes to photograph the places most of us only know from the news. News which are seldom good and as long as there are no newsworthy reports we don´t hear anything at all about them.

In his recent book "Borderline" Chatelin assembled a collection of b/w photographs from the borderland between Israel and Palestine. Some of the pictures are pretty unremarkable if you take them out of context.

We see young people partying on the beach, gay parades, nightclub excess and streetlife. Then there are soldiers, orthodox jews and the wastelands beyond the borderline.
In succession we get a glimpse into life at a boiling point. The exhausted and frightened soldiers could be the same people we have seen a few pages ealier, partying the night away.

My attention to the book was clearly drawn by the great cover design with it´s fold out title.

Extensive coverage of Chatelin´s work can be seen on his Website.

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