Christmas with Claudine Longet

Get your insulin ready for this: StellaVista Ultramodel Claudine Longet and her husband at the time Andy Williams (who would survive his marriage to Claudine. His successor would not be so lucky.

Here they are pimping their kids for a performance of "Silent Night" and "Mary´s Boy Child". Creepy in it´s sugary broth.

I am still looking for her version of "Bang Bang, my baby shot me down", which was allegedly banned for obvious reasons.

UPDATE: A commenter informed me that the "Bang Bang"-story is a fantasy rumour and that she never recorded a version of this particular song. Too bad: It would have been a great rendition even without the bleak story behind it.


Daniel said...

there was no version of "Bang Bang" by Claudine - it's just a stupid joke from old Wikipedia article

StellaVista said...

Thanks for the info! It is still mentioned in the German Wiki article.
Too bad: It would have been a perfect song for her, even without the surrounding drama.