Dreams of Saturday Night: Moi...Lolita

"Moi...Lolita" is the sound of a million beach nightclubs. From the Cote d´azur down to Italy and Greece; to Thailand and some suburban bar in Germany. It plays early in the night, when the dancefloor is almost empty, you can hear it blasting from some jukebox after the last orders have been made. It´s euphoric and endlessly sad.

Alizée: Moi...Lolita

Released in june of 2000 "Moi...Lolita" stayed a record-breaking 73 weeks in the French charts, and became the most successful foreign language single in the UK.

Written by Mylene Farmer and partner, it is a masterpiece of mind-reeling self reference, exploitation and liberation. In short: one of the best pop songs ever! Yes, EVER!

Farmer, decided to get somebody younger than her to sing it in order to make the song more believable. So they did a casting and found Alizée. Bam! Instant goosebump inducing, timeless classic! I can listen to this for hours on end and still be amazed by it.

This revised excerpt is sort of a re-post from a longer entry about French-Pop I made in July.

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