According to the blog Motor(less)City Detroit could be 50% vacant within the next five to ten years, if the current decline should continue.

The amount of abandoned buildings and giant, unused spaces gives way to nature claiming back the territory. In a way, Detroit could become the prototype for the city of the real future: A giant fossil ruin turned into rural farmland.

It is shocking to see that suddenly the young USA, which never had to bother with the remnants of century old history, seems to abandon the future along with the past.

Here is an ode to the recent musical legacy of Mo-Town:
Detroit by Morgan Geist. It´s taken from his recent album "Double Night Time" which is one of the finest records of 2008.

All photos taken from The Motor(less)City.
If you like the song, get the album at iTunes, Beatport or a real record store (as long as they still exist).

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