Minimal Light Orchestra

I woke up this morning convinced that I was Philip Glass. Must have been the effect of diddling around with Auditorium last night.

Auditorium is a new flash-based game that -at first glance- appears to be pretty esoteric.

The aim is to solve animated, geometric "puzzles" by diverting a "flow" of "audio visual particles" in order to "energize" targets, or "audio containers" which play sequenced music when they are hit by the matching colour of the particles. What?

Anyway, it is very intuitive and hypnotic! Things get amazing as soon as you reach the second "winter"-level, where you have to deal with three or four "audio containers". The sequences build on each other and while you try to divert the "flow" you suddenly become the conductor of a pearly, minimal composition. It is a mixture of a riddle, abstract painting and a sequencer.
At level 2.5 it gets quite tricky...

According to the website, the game is still in demo-mode and the soundtrack composed by Dain Saint will expand with the game.

Try it!

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