Praise Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre (pictured left) is really hated by many fans of electronic music. When you consider his bombastic and questionable shows, some of his schmaltzy muzak and attempts at music for the masses, they do have a point.

However, being a purist is boring! There is no question that the ubiquitous "Oxygene" and "Equinox" are master pieces of electronic music and especially his work up to the mid-eighties should be re-evaluated!

If you happen to have a vinyl record of "Equinox" (and a turntable) play some of it on 45 and you think you´re listening to Orbital (and nobody is questioning their legacy - why?)

Anyway, with his 1984 album "Zoolook", Jarre once more tried to mix his idea of easily digestible art and pop. It was his first album that used heavy sampling technology and to make sure that the art concept was not lost on the listener he invited Laurie Anderson as a collaborator.

Check the video for "Zoolookologie", it´s craptastic! Having some models lipsynching to the Laurie Anderson vocal-snippets is as good as it gets. Enjoy this full on 1980s overdose (complete with flying geometric forms:

Jarre has his own blog called Aerojarre. Not to be confused with men who look like old lesbians.

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