Last Train to Expo 67

In 1976 the geodesic dome "Biosphere of Man" that housed the pavillion of the USA at Montreal´s Expo ´67 caught fire during repair work. The wonderful structure that was built by Buckminster Fuller became another ruin on the field of world-expo ruins within minutes, when the fire burned away the acrylic outer shell. Anyway, the superstructure was kept intact and it is still standing until today.

This event became part of the art installation "Endgame" by Michael Rakowitz in Italy in 2006

Here, at StellaVista Towers - we celebrate the predecessor of Expo ´70 with some groovy Rocksteady goodness from The Melodians.

Hop on The Last Train to Expo 67 (click to play).

This is how it looked back in 1967

And lots of private and official videos on Youtube

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