Holy Explosions of Ecstasy

This is some of the most amazing shit I have seen recently! I was shocked and awed!

Expertly mashing drum ´n bass with footage of holy rollers freaking out in church aisles is a marriage made in heaven (or hell).

The editing in these "Baptazia"-videos is brilliant and more unsettling than the Cunningham/Aphex Twin video "Come To Daddy".

After about 23 seconds you will start speaking in tongues:

File under Speedgospel and Jesuscore:

This one is amazing for the great editing of the two "MCs". Just make sure to watch the moment at around 1:40. Absolutely insane!

POSSESSED! This is probably the sickest of the bunch:


There are many more clips and I must admit that the vids get quite addictive. I must also admit that I am just a little bit envious that the church experience in my part of the world is...well, different. At least it was twenty years ago, the last time when I was dragged into a service.

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