Dreams of Saturday Night: Larry Heard

One of the first names in house music, Larry Heard has just released a phenomenal new 12" EP called "25 Years From Alpha".

The 15 minute title track is a delicate work of sparkling and pristine 808-beats, a bubbling bassline, sleek pads and sci-fi strings.
I always admire his ability to create deep and intriguing tracks with sounds that are this close to resemble Casio pre-sets.

As a St. Nicolaus gift you should listen to the last track, Feathers Floating.
The title gives a hint at the fragile ambience of this warm, relaxed and amazing piece of beautiful music. I have this on repeat for hours! It´s the perfect escape-pod from the dreary winter weather.

"25 Years From Alpha" is available from "Black Market International" and Larry´s own label "Alleviated".

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